Swift is a quick, secure, programmer-friendly, and dynamic programming language for macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS, Linux, etc. Swift has gained a large supportive community so far. It is an open-source language and has one of the most active and dynamic open-source communities. It can be used over multiple platforms and for backend infrastructures. It offers:

  • Variables initializing before use
  • Examination of array records for forbidden errors
  • Checking of integers overloading
  • Automatic memory handling
  • Error handling techniques, that recover the entire data caused due to sudden failures

Reasons for choosing Swift for business applications

High Speed and Development Process
Swift apps can be developed quickly due to simple coding and syntax.

Swift apps are future-oriented, which means the functionalities can be extended according to the requirement of advanced features.

Improved Security Measures
Swift is a safe and secure programming language. While undergoing the testing procedure, swift discards the category of risky codes hence making the process fast.

Interactive Playground Coding
A 'Playground' is the USP of the Swift programming language. The combination of playground and swift makes the app development process faster, easier and more accessible. The “playground” offers new APIs to the developers for experimentation.

Future scope of Swift

Swift will soon be available on the server-side programming as well. This will be highly beneficial as the developers can get the leverage of both front end and back end by having an understanding of only one language.

Swift app development services offered by Jellyfish Technologies

Jellyfish Technologies is a result-driven and innovative app development company. We offer progressive Swift app development services for the clients over various startups, mid-level organizations to huge industries. Our tech team creates effective strategies to achieve the industry’s futuristic goals. We make sure that your goals are delivered before the deadlines. Our Swift app developers are flexible enough to work as per your requirements. Want to hire a Swift app developer? Contact us for further consultation.

Why Jellyfish Technologies?

We offer:

Customization & Scalability
We have a team of experienced and highly skilled Swift developers who can provide customized, reliable, flexible, and extremely user-friendly Swift app development services based on the business requirements.

Transparent Approach
By following a transparent approach, we maintain clarity during the entire flow of the project with our clients. It helps in keeping them updated at each level of the project.

Affordable Pricing
We offer cost-effective Swift app development services.

Third-Party Integrations
Our app offers smooth integration of third-party API and other codes

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