Overview: Survey And Audit

Governments, corporates, non government bodies and startups all need data to create and fine tune their policies, products and services. Conducting surveys among the actual beneficiaries of the policies, current or potential users of the products or services, is one of the oldest and most trustworthy tool available to the policy makers for gathering first hand data. Once policies are created, products and services are launched, audits are required to find gaps in the implementation, expectation and the actual result.

Survey and audit is multi-billion dollar industry and is growing rapidly in the age of globalization and technological evolution. Market research, consumer behavior, statutory and tax compliances, public perception, environmental and demographic impacts of large scale projects, are some of the fields which rely heavily on surveys and audits.

Technology has enabled mobile and web based surveys and AI and machine learning based audits. Startups, incumbent survey and audit firms and technology companies are developing technology based innovative means of conducting surveys and audits.

Survey And Audit Applications Outsourcing Services

Jellyfish Technologies is providing survey and audit applications outsourcing services in marketing research, consumer behaviour and construction sector. We understand the technology, domain, user expectations and have the experience of delivering survey and audit products. RedQuanta and B+L are survey and audit domain applications developed by us.

We customize our services according to the requirements of our clients, i.e. we deliver end-to-end solutions or individual features. We can develop product of any complexity from scratch or contribute to an ongoing project.

Survey And Audit Software Development Services

Jellyfish Technologies is a leading Survey and Audit software development company. We provide Survey and Audit application outsourcing services, Survey and Audit software development services and Survey and Audit application developers for hire.

If you are a survey and audit startup or company, we can help you with mobile application development, web application development, API integration, Blockchain implementation, quality assurance or any other custom requirement.

We work in all the major technologies such as Java, .Net, PHP, NodeJs, Grails, Python, JavaScript, Android, Angular, React, Ionic and ios. We have a cross-functional team of experienced front-end, back-end engineers, QA engineers and database administrators.

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