Traditional Multi Page Applications (MPAs), due to their heavy data and multiple UI design layers, are low on speed and performance.

With a Single Page Application (SPA), you can create a smooth, native-like experience right within your users' mobile browsers. The web solution renders JavaScript code directly in a browser and includes no page reloads throughout a user’s journey.

It is a game changer for dynamic platforms that require small amounts of data with reduced load time. The single HTML page fits all content within it and delivers dynamic updates and decreases server load significantly.

This results in a linear and responsive user experience that isn't hampered by a poor connection or outdated software. And the application reacts to user queries within a blink of an eye.

Single Page Application design uses AJAX technology that allows refreshing only a part of the page instead of reloading it entirely. It sends an AJAX request to the server, gets JSON data back from the server, and renders certain parts of the web page directly in the browser.

Make your application behave like a native, desktop application by putting an end to the user experience interruption between successive pages.

Transform your large-scale and heavy web portal into a fast and responsive SPA

The Unbeatable Benefits of Single Page Application Design

Single Page application designs are incredibly useful for pages that are highly navigated and use repeating templates. They come along with lots of undebatable benefits, such as:

Speed and Responsiveness

Speedy apps that require the server to load resources, such as HTML, CSS, and scripts at a single time, enhance user experience and hence, attract more users. The decoupled API-setup and architecture of Single Page Applications enable you to build and deploy responsive front-ends a lot faster.

Less Coding required

SPAs allow reusing some backend code from a web-based app, which is not possible in MPAs. The native-like design of Single Page Applications requires little effort to match the design for mobile apps.

Less bandwidth used

Since an SPA loads only once and downloads the local data on the first loading, it uses a lot less bandwidth, which makes it perfectly functional even in poor internet connections or an offline mode.

Enhanced user experiences

Features like parallax scrolling and ___ enable SPAs to provide linear and engaging, user-friendly experiences to users. Single Page Application frameworks like Angular, React, Vue, Meteor, Ember, Aurelia make it easy to create engaging, dynamic, and animated user experiences.

Ease of building feature-rich apps

Single page application development is a breezy process, while developing a traditional MPA is no less than a nightmare. Incorporate additional features only when the need arises.

Effortless debugging

Since single page applications are built on frameworks like Angular.js, React.js and Batarang that have their own tools for debugging, it is a piece of cake to debug them within Chrome. Far easier than MPA debugging.

Our Expertise in Single Page Applications Development

We have a strong record of building native-like, high-performance single page applications for clients. In many cases this has eliminated the need to build platform-specific client applications that have fragmented and hard-to-maintain code bases.

Pairing SPA development with the right CMS

Our API-based CMSs have an architecture that is excellent for single page application development. They decouple content from the presentation. They not only support a hybrid setup but also do personalization on the server side.

Expertise in single page application frameworks

We have the appropriate knowledge and expertise needed to work on different frameworks and technologies for hybrid single page application development. Some of the popular single page application frameworks that we work with are AngularJS, React, Vue, MeteorJS, Ember, and Aurelia. Proficiency in server side coding

Single page application development, deployment and debugging is extremely easy for our SPA developers who are proficient in server side coding.

Turning MPAs into SPAs

Our extensive experience in single-page applications development is based on years.

We can even turn your multi-page site into a fast, responsive, and engaging single page application.

UI considerations

We take into account important UI considerations for single page applications development, for instance form handling, formatting, error handling, alerts and notifications, layered graphics, version control, minification and bundling, auditing and Google analytics, operations management, and browser and mobile compatibility.

History state management methods

Even for the simplest single page web applications development, we write a custom history management layer, if needed, through history state management methods.

Monitoring security vulnerabilities

It is our day-to-day practise to continuously check our code for security vulnerabilities using application security tools. To monitor open source code during the build phase, we use an open source management tool, continuously, in real-time, sprint after sprint.

Tech Stack Used in Single Page Application Development

An insurance aggregation platform.

The primary objective of Patra on this endeavor was to integrate their platform with the insurance providers of the USA such as BTIS, USLI, HISCOX, and Liberty so that the end users can get the best insurance premium quotes on their platform.

Project Category:-Web application
When:-2018 - ongoing
A Job Portal for Photographers and videographers.

It is a platform designed for photographers and videographers to network and assist each other on projects. It is industry-specific and only professional businesses with a valid company number are allowed to join after a thorough quality verification process. After joining, members can post a job including their rates. Local, vetted photographers and videographers can then apply for the job.

Project Category:-Web & Mobile application
An open source billing platform.

jBilling is world’s first enterprise grade open source billing cloud service provider and is recognized industry wide for providing the much needed flexibility, agility & customization for complex billing tasks.With their unique product architecture & hosted billing service, the jBilling team, spanning 4 continents, is on a mission to provide the best billing cloud service for organisations with complex business rules.

Project Category:-Web application
When:-2017 - ongoing

Make your app perfectly functional even in poor internet connections or an offline mode, with single page application development

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