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What is Sails.js?

Sails.js is an MVC (Model, View, and Controller) web framework for node.js. Developers can create the REST API’s, single-page apps, web socket-based real-time apps (live chat), etc quickly and effectively using Sails.js. To handle the Web Socket Messages, Sails.js provides WebSocket support via is a JS library that enables real-time, bidirectional, event-based communication.

Using Sails.js, APIs can be automatically created while writing a single command. Sails.js is required in creating chatbots, multiplayer games (online), live dashboards and oriented structure using data-driven APIs and services. This framework is considered ideal for its security and role-based access.

Reasons for choosing Sails.js for Business Applications

Sails.js has inbuilt which is highly in demand, as it provides real-time event-based communication between server and client. With features like messaging or collaborative tools, sails.js simplifies the server connection in real-time.

Sails.js is highly compatible with Angular, React, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or custom hardware. It offers commercial support to boost development and ensure best practices in the codes.

Sails.js automatically produces REST APIs that allow developers to perform further configurations according to their requirements. This increases the development process of REST APIs. No extra routing is required and easy data availability is present in Sails, as they offer free JSON API generation.

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Sails.js Development Services offered by Jellyfish Technologies

Jellyfish Technologies is a leading sails.js development company offering world-class sails.js development services. We have a team of experienced and skilled sails.js developers who bring ideas to reality from impactful strategies, interface designs, architecture designing and implementations. We provide high-quality services that make a transparent server-side development. Contact us for further consultations.