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Jellyfish Telecommunications was founded to create innovative products. It has a primary focus in hardware and product development.

Rudra - JO1 came into fruition with the idea of tracking a vehicle any time and anywhere in the world. The market segment was not sufficiently being accommodated due to existing unreliable tracking products. An indigenously designed and fully functional product was created.

Our product is a real-time GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking device that enables users to monitor a vehicle via smartphone or laptop. The product also uses a GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver; allowing the highest level of tracking accuracy.

Rudra - J01 is equipped with an array of features that allow geofencing, notifications, cloud backup, real-time tracking, vehicle immobilization, SMS reports (speed analysis, fuel monitoring, vehicle daily stats), user management, and devices and routes management. Your vehicle or fleet will be monitored with a single click.

Requirements & Challenges

Designing a one-stop solution for vehicle tracking was our primary objective. One of the major challenges was to design an optimum architecture to allow concurrent data processing and retrieval. Other challenges included:

Key Challenges

  • Real-time vehicle tracking through websockets
  • Providing configurable maps to customers
  • Concurrent processing of simultaneous data
  • Geofencing & alert system
  • Making the application scalable and robust
  • Adopting a modular approach in designing the system

Our Solution

We developed the following solution for the client:

  • After finalizing the requirement and in-depth assessment, an online platform ­­­was implemented. This enables owners to track their vehicles using a web browser or Android and iOS devices
  • A user-friendly design was created and then the core functionality was added. Test-driven development approach was followed which also included user acceptance testing
  • Google Maps API was used for GPS tracking support and related functionalities. Extensive research was done on messaging protocols. Support for messaging protocols was added for mobile and desktop versions
  • We aggregated valuable customer feedback for the enhancement of the product, along with upgrading the main codebase
  • Understanding our customers' requirements and their day-to-day problems is our primary goal
  • With our IT specialist team, we were able to implement the minimum viable product within 3 months

Key Benefits

  • Ability to access the platform from Android/iOS devices as well as a web browser
  • Easy navigation with quick onboarding of users
  • The platform was very fast to access
  • Prevention of fuel theft
  • Driver behavior monitoring
  • Customized reporting


Rudra - J01 is now one of the well-known GPS brands in India. Our product has almost a 0% failure rate. Many educational institutions, transport companies, and hospitals have shown trust in our product. Performance load testing was done using a testing tool and the software was able to handle millions of simultaneous data records efficiently.

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