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RedQuanta is a global business transformation firm that provides brands with the most intimate knowledge of consumer expectations and experiences.

RedQuanta helps consumer-centric brands run mystery audits to evaluate customer experience of their products and services. These audits have different goals such as finding inconsistencies between expected and actual customer experiences, identifying integrity gaps, and identifying the expectations of a specific customer segment, among others.

These audits help organizations in streamlining their processes, improving customer experiences, and maintaining consistency of their services across regions.

Requirements & Challenges

RedQuanta had an online survey platform where customers managed their mystery audits, mystery shoppers provided feedback, and reviewers validated the feedback and generated client reports. On this platform, administrators used to manually set mystery audit questionnaires for clients, assign feedback of shoppers to reviewers, and assign mystery shopping assignments to shoppers. The main goal of RedQuanta was to automate all these tasks.

Key Challenges:

  • Implementing a custom questionnaire module for the clients
  • Implementing algorithm-based feedback assignment to reviewers
  • Implementing algorithm-based allocation of mystery shopping assignments to shoppers

Our Solution

After understanding the clients' requirements, we developed the following solution:

  • A module was added to the RedQuanta platform to enable clients to add and manage custom questionnaires for their mystery audits.
  • An algorithm was designed and integrated into the platform to distribute shopper feedback reports to reviewers based on customizable criteria.
  • An algorithm was designed and integrated into the platform to distribute shopping assignments to shoppers based on customizable criteria.

Key Benefits

  • RedQuanta administrators were freed from the repetitive tasks of questionnaire setup, feedback reports, and shopping assignments allocation.
  • Clients gained the flexibility to set up their questionnaires aligned to the goal of their mystery audits.
  • Clients gained the flexibility to customize the criteria of feedback validation and shopper selection for their mystery audits.


These enhancements resulted in the automation and customization of key processes of mystery audit campaigns. As a result, clients were able to conduct their fully customized audit campaigns and the productivity of RedQuanta administrators increased as they were relieved from repetitive tasks.

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