What is PropTech?

Proptech (aka property technology) represents the use of technology and software in delivering property management products and services to give commercial real estate professionals a competitive edge in the modern real estate landscape.

With Protech, real estate companies are making the construction, leasing, selling, buying, and management processes simple, transparent, and efficient. In short, proptech acts as a remote control for real estate.

Construction project management software, building information modeling platforms (BIMs), virtual home tours, crowdfunding, Space as a Service (SpaaS), automated valuation models, and IoT-based building management systems are some of the examples of proptech solutions and services.

The proptech revolution has already begun. We’re likely to witness technologically-advanced building communities and co-living as the answer to urban loneliness as the future of proptech. The real estate industry’s great investment capacity is why the demand for proptech is growing so fast.

PropTech Applications Outsourcing Services

Jellyfish Technologies provides proptech applications outsourcing services to U.S, Australian and Canadian startups and companies. We understand the technology, compliances, and user expectations and have the experience of delivering proptech products. We have developed Kjuup, a proptech application that facilitates communication and networking between different stakeholders of the real estate industry.

We help real estate tech companies with top proptech software solutions that help enable them to become leaders in the prop tech market. Our custom proptech software will help you to concentrate on lead generation, deal closing and property management, while it takes care of managing your real estate operations in a self-reliant and automated manner.

PropTech Software Development Services

Jellyfish Technologies is one of the leading proptech software development companies. We provide proptech application outsourcing services, proptech software development services, and proptech application developers for hire. With our deep knowledge of the proptech market, we help real estate companies with custom real estate and proptech software solutions to equip their teams to sell, lease, and manage real estate.

We empower brokers and real estate professionals to promote and manage properties through smart proptech platforms that have advanced features like geo-mapping, effective search and filtering, list generation, collaboration rooms, report generation, insights visualization, and secure deal rooms, among others.

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