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Payleadr is a technology provider that has a vision of allowing businesses to manage recurring payments on the go, 24/7.­­

The platform would eliminate time consuming and costly manual processes by providing a "mobile-first" experience to those on both sides of the transaction.

Payleadr would oversee all financial aspects of customer relationships on behalf of the businesses, including the efficient collection of any overdue amounts.

Requirements & Challenges

Payleadr wanted to start an online merchant platform with the aim to provide sellers with a convenient way to sell their products and services. They were initially using a third-party platform which was not customizable as per their requirements.

Key Challenges:

  • Integrating a PCI-compliant payment solution with the platform
  • Implementing multiple rules for overdue collections based on the payment frequency and method (ACH/Credit Card)
  • Providing a fully customizable solution to each seller
  • Integrating an effective OCR (Optical Character Recognition) module to convert payment card images into text
  • Handling webhooks and transaction reverts differently for ACH/Credit card
  • Implementing detailed reports of aggregated data of seller and buyer transactions
  • Delivering the production-ready project within a tight schedule of 3 months

Our Solution

After understanding the clients' requirements, we developed the following solution:

  • A PCI-compliant payment gateway was integrated so that the Payleadr platform could handle transactions without worrying about PCI compliance.
  • A fully customizable mobile-centric web application was designed for use by sellers and customers.
  • A scheduler was implemented on the server to generate daily transaction reports for Payleadr as well as sellers.
  • To eliminate the latency of frequently accessed data, in-memory caching was implemented.
  • Overdue collections and transaction reverts were managed by strategy-based implementation.
  • OCR was implemented to auto populate payment information from card images.

Key Benefits

  • The platform was accessible from multiple devices
  • Detailed daily reporting for the sellers and Payleadr
  • PCI-compliant transactions
  • Reduced latency for the frequently accessed data
  • Improved business for the sellers & Payleadr, and ease of transactions for the customers
  • One more happy client and repeat business for Jellyfish Technologies


Customization enabled Payleadr to offer segment specific packages to the sellers which attracted new products and services on its platform. More products and services attracted more customers and a positive cascading cycle started.

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