When it comes to human-to-machine communications, text-based analytics in its simplest form, which is purely rules-based with its roots in the 90s, is inadequate and a dead end now. The manual approach of creating pre-set rules and patterns doesn't capture sentiments or irony, is difficult to maintain, misses the unknown unknowns (for algorithms that lack training data), and is prone to human error and biases.
They are built on old and naïve (there's literally an algorithm viz. Naïve Bayes) algorithms rather than intelligent ones like Deep Learning.

We offer self-learning, next-gen AI-driven NLP solutions, built on enhanced algorithms like Python NLTK, OpenNLP, Nlp.js, TensorFlow, and DialogFlow, that read and decipher multiple human languages, contextual nuances, industry-specific terminologies and more for better responsiveness in customer interactions and multiple other business functions.

Our data scientists use the best Natural Language Processing techniques and tools to turn large amounts of unstructured, difficult-to-maintain data into something that can be analyzed for more than just words - in a cognitive way rather than a mechanical one.

Our NLP capabilities include content categorization, stemming, topic discovery and modeling, contextual extraction, sentiment analysis, part-of-speech tagging, intent recognition, speech-to-text and text-to-speech conversion, Bayesian spam filtering, document summarization, machine translation, and more.

Think NLP conversational capabilities beyond the reach of virtual assistants like Alexa or Siri.

How NLP Solutions Will Help Your Business Thrive

Natural Language Processing applications enable an accurate, large-scale analysis of an unstructured and untapped pool of text in an objective and cognitive way.

Powerful NLP capabilities are being explored and applied in different business functions and areas.

Benefits for legal teams

Automate routine litigation tasks and help legal teams save time, reduce costs, and shift strategic focus on high priority tasks.

Assistance in talent recruitment

By using NLP solutions in both the search and selection phases of recruitment, you can identify the skills of candidates and also spot the candidates early on, before they even become active on the talent market. Automatically match open positions to candidates' interests, increasing fill rates.

Responds to vocal prompts

Intelligent voice-driven interfaces built on the NLP technology can respond to vocal prompts and do everything like find a restaurant, send a message, suggest the best route to a destination, turn on the lights or AC at home, make a call, and more.

Benefits to financial traders

Get insights about possible mergers between companies, and then incorporate them into a trading algorithm to generate massive profits.

Sentiment analysis

Analyze sentiments and choices of customers for your services or products by identifying different texts in sources like social media and surveys and plan the future steps to improve customers’ experience.

Intelligent document analysis

Detect criminal activities and solve cases by effortlessly identifying patterns in written reports or emails and categorizing them in order of importance.

Threats detection

Detect insider threats and deter risks with better management, in lesser time, and at reduced costs.

Intelligent search and Q&A system

Prepare the FAQs (frequently asked questions) related to your business, products, services, etc. Allow your customers to search about you to get their doubts solved.

Aid to E-commerce business

Improve search relevance, provide targeted responses, and deliver personalized results based on the intent of the query.

Better customer support

Become more customer centric by automatically processing high volumes of support requests with minimum human intervention, while lowering costs and increasing upsell opportunities.

Our Expertise in Natural Language Processing

Our NLP solutions rely on advanced text and data analysis tools to enable smooth interactions between machines and humans, and enable businesses to deliver highly interactive, next-generation digital experiences with a human touch.

AI-driven NLP

We help your business integrate AI-driven NLP services for building conversational, sophisticated and predictive chatbots and conducting sentimental analysis, entity recognition, intent classification, text categorization, data extraction from PDF & NLP, IoT development, and more.

NLP solutions, built on ML & DL

Our sophisticated AI-driven NLP solutions are built on Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms and Computer Vision techniques. They analyze and understand unstructured data in a self-reliant manner.

Sentiment analysis

We use opinion mining techniques like sentiment analysis to create business strategies and marketing campaigns, and exceed customer expectations. Our beautifully-tailored, NLP-based sentiment analysis solutions provide highly accurate results and can see the intent behind sentiments which traditional sentiment analysis solutions can't.

Intent classification

Our intent classification service follows a human-in-loop approach which is essential for training and designing human machine interaction systems like chatbots and virtual assistants that can understand the intent behind the conversation similar to humans.

Understanding sophisticated linguistic nuances

Our data science team is skilled in developing self-reliant NLP applications that can analyze customer conversations and identify intent and undertone. Our NLP capabilities train machines to compute sentence vectors by classifying text inputs into different datasets. This helps automate the process of understanding sophisticated linguistic nuances.

Extract information

Our NLP services can identify and highlight the important parts of texts that are beneficial for you. This can help understand the subject as well as the context of a text, no matter how complex and messy. We are also skilled in developing optical character recognition models that improve human intelligence to a great extent.

Interpreting human communication beyond words

Our AI-driven NLP solutions have made revolutionary progress in interpreting human languages, behavior, and emotions. They have taken communication beyond words. They actually listen to you.

Intent identification

We don’t just focus on the words. We identify the intent. As a Natural Language Processing service provider, we do just that in order to model human languages and recognize the underlying meaning behind the words said or the actions performed.

Tech Stack in Our NLP Solutions

We leverage the latest JavaScript frameworks in all our JS based projects.

An insurance aggregation platform.

The primary objective of Patra on this endeavor was to integrate their platform with the insurance providers of the USA such as BTIS, USLI, HISCOX, and Liberty so that the end users can get the best insurance premium quotes on their platform.

Project Category:-Web application
When:-2018 - ongoing
A Job Portal for Photographers and videographers.

It is a platform designed for photographers and videographers to network and assist each other on projects. It is industry-specific and only professional businesses with a valid company number are allowed to join after a thorough quality verification process. After joining, members can post a job including their rates. Local, vetted photographers and videographers can then apply for the job.

Project Category:-Web & Mobile application
An open source billing platform.

jBilling is world’s first enterprise grade open source billing cloud service provider and is recognized industry wide for providing the much needed flexibility, agility & customization for complex billing tasks.With their unique product architecture & hosted billing service, the jBilling team, spanning 4 continents, is on a mission to provide the best billing cloud service for organisations with complex business rules.

Project Category:-Web application
When:-2017 - ongoing

Extract insights and build next-gen conversational technology

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