What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that provides systems the potential to learn automatically and improve from experience, without being specifically programmed. It lies in a category of algorithms that allows software apps to become precise in predicting exact outputs. These programs or algorithms are designed in a way that they use “pattern recognition” to produce reliable and informed results. It adapts the new data independently through iterations. The main goal is to allow the computers to learn automatically without human assistance and adjust tasks accordingly.

How does Machine Learning work?

Machine Learning works in the flow of 5 major steps. Let us have a look at these steps:

  • Assembling the information: This part includes collecting data from mixed and heavy content of several formats and types, some sources can be text files, excel sheets or Microsoft word docs.
  • Preparing the Data: This part includes the extraction of actual data from the entire content. The data that makes sense to the machines, only that is passed for further processing. In addition, it offers monitoring of missing data and unwanted data.
  • Training: It is done using algorithms and modeling of the data. The filtered data undergoes a two-way splitting, in which the first part is used as the training data for creating the model. The second part is used as Reference Data.
  • Evaluation: This step does the model analysis by testing the accuracy.
  • Performance: This is the most crucial part as the machine decides the best-suited model for different types of data.

Reasons for choosing Machine Learning solutions for business applications

  • Machine Learning solutions can manage multi-dimensional and different kinds of data under dynamic environments. It offers time efficiency and proper utilization of resources.
  • Machine Learning-based solutions can review a huge amount of data and can detect particular trends and patterns. Let us take an example of Amazon here, a leading commerce website whose audience is targeted and retained by the browsing behaviors, purchase histories, deals and reminders relevant to them. ML uses statistics to show suitable advertisements to the target audience.
  • Machine Learning solutions have the ability to deliver a good experience to customers by targeting the right audience. It helps in recognizing spam and improving the algorithms.

Industries using Machine Learning

Healthcare Industry

Machine Learning is an increasing trend in the healthcare industry. Solutions like wearable devices and sensors using the patient’s data to evaluate the patient's health in real-time have been introduced. It helps the medical experts to identify patterns by analyzing the data, which can provide an improved diagnosis.

Financial Industry

Machine Learning in financial industries detects crucial insights into the data and prevents fraud. The insights can be detecting investment & trading opportunities, customer’s credit habits, spending patterns, risky profiles, fraud detection (by using cyber surveillance to spot the warning notifications of fraud).

Automotive Industry

With machine learning, the accurate data calculations help manufacturers monitor and share important information regarding the automobile or about its defective parts. In addition, these measures help in recognizing the patterns from the database that can improve customer care services.

Machine Learning development services offered by Jellyfish Technologies

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