MACH - The perfect alternative to fully custom e-commerce builds. It is agile, nimble, and always up-to-date.

When was the last time you assessed your technology ecosystem? Companies with shifting customer expectations outgrow traditional, one-size-fits-all SaaS and PaaS offerings, pretty fast.

MACH, a modern architectural approach which combines the best-of-breed Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless solutions, is a progression from platform-centric to technology-centric ecosystems with increased flexibility.

Why get dictated by the roadmaps of tech giants?
Own your roadmap with the composable MACH architecture –– Deliver products and services at your own pace.
Swap any element of your technology setup for any API-connectable application.
Leverage Microservices, API-First, Cloud-Native, and Headless architectures for enhanced customer-centric digital experiences.

Ready to build a technology environment, tailored to your unique needs?

The 4 pillars of MACH


Developing software applications which are made up of independently deployable, modular services.


Creating an ecosystem of reusable and extensible applications.


Allowing cloud providers to respond to the demands of their customers quickly and safely.


Decoupling front-end user experiences completely from the back-end logic

Future Proof Your Business With MACH Stack

Transitioning to the modern MACH architecture allows for great flexibility, high performance, and huge cost savings. Embrace MACH to:

Deliver top-notch customer shopping experience

MACH architecture helps you stitch together a progressive, hassle-free, intuitive, and one-off online commerce experience (CX) across different channels that consumers expect in their overall shopping journey.

Launch innovative retail experiences

Deliver embedded commerce experiences and API-driven personalization by using emerging technologies in retail with existing systems and infrastructures.

Pay for what you actually use

Moving to the serverless model means huge cost savings and a significant reduction in risks for maintaining the infrastructure and the security side of the software, respectively.

Launch new apps 2-3X faster

Thanks to the headless approach of the speed-oriented MACH architecture, you can launch new apps and other digital offerings in the market faster by using repeatable architecture patterns and content models.

Improve infrastructure scalability

Achieve high uptime with more secure storage for customer-facing applications with the cloud principle in MACH that promotes a combination of diverse deployment scenarios.

Our Expertise in MACH Stack

Making the transition to MACH requires singular expertise –– both with the transition and the advanced technology that MACH embraces. We have the expertise to implement and operate it the right way.

Our expertise of MACH is founded on years of experience in the fields of API development, front-end technologies, and cloud computing models.

An agile, iterative approach to “going MACH”

We start by building quick prototypes and implementing the MACH architecture in minimal areas of your business. This allows stakeholders to see changes and measure progress in real-time.

Vision and direction first; Features later

We don’t believe in just selling a one-time solution. We carve a journey of continuous innovation with our clients. For this, we prioritize the overall vision of our clients before specific features or solutions. This is how we make it in a MACH future.

A results-oriented commitment

All our prior MACH implementations have delivered actionable results. Our commitment and support pushes through the bundle of hours for a single-dimensional implementation.

Boundary pushers

We implement emerging, content-rich experiences based on AR (Augmented Reality) using the MACH pillars, thereby pushing boundaries and prioritizing innovation.

Culture-matched with clients

This is our key formula to a successful end user experience. We ensure to be on the same page as our clients when it comes to setting and meeting goals throughout the MACH transformation.

Guidance throughout the digital switchover

Our MACH implementation process is like building a house, not just replacing your CMS. We will guide you throughout your MACH switchover, in both technical, less technical, and non-technical aspects.

Tech Stack Used in MACH Stack





An insurance aggregation platform.

The primary objective of Patra on this endeavor was to integrate their platform with the insurance providers of the USA such as BTIS, USLI, HISCOX, and Liberty so that the end users can get the best insurance premium quotes on their platform.

Project Category:-Web application
When:-2018 - ongoing
A Job Portal for Photographers and videographers.

It is a platform designed for photographers and videographers to network and assist each other on projects. It is industry-specific and only professional businesses with a valid company number are allowed to join after a thorough quality verification process. After joining, members can post a job including their rates. Local, vetted photographers and videographers can then apply for the job.

Project Category:-Web & Mobile application

Implement MACH to give your business the flexibility it needs to be successful

Leverage our expertise on implementing the MACH architecture

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