Google announced the release of a new language "Kotlin" for Android developers in May 2017 at Google I/O (Innovation in the Open). Kotlin is a programming language developed by Jetbrains.

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is an open-source programming language that merges the object-oriented programming and functional features to craft seamless user experience on multiple platforms. It mainly focuses on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) but also considers the Javascript or native code for compilation.

  • It supports multiple programming models, for example, imperative programming, object-oriented programming, generic programming, functional programming, etc.
  • It is a tool-friendly language, which means tools like IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, and Android Studio are highly compatible with this programming language.

Kotlin is a multiplatform language:

  • JVM (Java Virtual Machine): Kotlin is highly interoperable with Java that makes it compatible with all the existing Java code and libraries.
    • Android: It is easy to develop mobile applications with Android using Kotlin.
    • Javascript: Developing and running the client-side web apps in the browser is much easier with Kotlin.
    • Native: Compilation of Kotlin with native binaries can be done and run in the Windows, Linux, iOS, macOS, etc.

Reasons for choosing Kotlin for business applications

Concise Code Structure:
Kotlin is expressive as well as a concise programming language. It is easily interoperable with the already existing Android languages. Less code results in fewer bugs. Kotlin provides high readability, simplicity, and more features to the app development process.

Safe and Reliable:
Kotlin is a safe language as it contains security features for immutability and nullability. Moreover, Kotlin’s compiler authenticates the accuracy of the programs that result in less chance for runtime crashes.

Interoperable with Java:
Since Kotlin is a Java-based programming language and interoperable, hence both Java and Kotlin generate similar bytecodes. The Kotlin-Java combination can work very well for your Android project and you can opt for converting your entire Java codebase into Kotlin.

Used For Server-Side Development:

Kotlin is highly recommended for server-side development. It maintains compatibility with existing Java-based technology stacks.

Use of Extension Functions:

Functions can be created in Kotlin with the operators and extensions. It provides the potential to expand a class with advanced functionalities without disturbing the class or implementing any kind of design patterns like "Decorator". These functions help to stretch the functionalities of classes without affecting the codes.

Successful applications built under Kotlin

  1. Pinterest

    It is under the big examples of utilizing the Kotlin framework, for the development of their Android application. The brand is a popular image sharing platform that is now legally transferred from Java to Kotlin.

  2. GradleIt is a customized tool used for designing Android packages by providing customized logics and maintaining the dependencies. Since Kotlin gives support to both IDEA and Eclipse, Gradle’s end users get full IDE support for refactoring to autocompletion and everything in the middle.

  3. Twidere for Twitter

    It is an open-source, fully-featured, client app of Twitter. It provides personalization of themes, unlimited accounts management and rectifies unwanted tweets. The performance of the app is excellent as well as smooth and it is developed via Kotlin.

  4. Spring by Pivotal

    The Spring framework offers a broad configuration and programming model for the development of Java-based apps on every platform.

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