Keey is a real-estate booking platform that lets its users rent out their properties to their friends or family members.

It allows its users to upload their property ads and send invite links to people of their choice, thereby protecting the property from the public eye and giving property owners the freedom to choose from the available offers or renters.


Project Type

Mobile Application


Business Requirements

Keey was looking for a development partner to turn their idea into reality. They wanted to work with a team that understands their concept and help them execute it in the form of a mobile application for their consumers.


Our Solution

After understanding the clients' requirements, we developed the following solution:

  • A detailed requirements analysis was performed to list out the best features for the app
  • Features such as intuitive UI/UX, easy navigation, seamless checkout, push notifications, high security, multi-language, chatbox were added to the app
  • Attributes like choosing the available dates, pricing models, rate flexibility and add ons were added for the users
  • Continuous feature enhancements were carried out

Engagement Outcome

With the help of Jellyfish Technologies, Keey launched its mobile application with customized features in the market and reached a wider audience.

For us, one more happy client was added to the list with repeat business.

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