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Journeyfront is a cloud-based hiring platform with a flagship product designed to help organizations manage operations related to hiring and assessment of candidates.

This platform uses predictive analytics, machine learning, and psychometric assessments to identify patterns across applicants' historical data and predict their performance and retention probability.


Project Type

Back-end System


Business Requirements

The company was looking for a backend development team that could help them enhance the features of its existing applicant screening software and improve its data security.


Our Solution

After understanding the client’s requirements and objectives, we developed the following solution:

  • A detailed requirements analysis was performed
  • Proper planning and research were carried out to understand the best features that needed to be implemented in the software
  • New features such as applicant tracking, graphical display of data were implemented
  • Data management and security were improved

Engagement Outcome

Jellyfish Technologies supported the Journeyfront team in executing its applicant screening program with an improved user interface and extended features to help organizations find the most qualified applicants for the job.

Key benefits:

  • Improved hiring efficiency
  • Improved applicant tracking
  • Enhanced data security
  • Better data management
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