Comprehending the fundamental shift in the technology, Jellyfish Technologies, have swiftly established itself as an innovative IoT development company. We are one of the first few tech companies in India that has a perfect blend of software and hardware skills required for IoT development.

Before offering our IoT development services to international clients, we have honed our skills by developing a portfolio of in-house IoT products. Real-time vehicle tracking system, plug and play On Board Diagnostics (OBD) trackers for cars, smart power socket, personal tracker and USB GPS receivers for Aadhaar enrolment centers are some of our in-house IoT products.

We offer end-to-end solutions to IoT product development starting from the designing, prototyping, hardware development, integration to cloud and third-party vendor APIs, mobile and web applications development.

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Over time, we have successfully put together a team of highly skilled IoT developers who have the experience of designing, prototyping, and developing numerous IoT products of varying complexity. If you have some IoT product idea but struggling in its implementation, our team of experienced IoT developers can help you quickly move ahead. Our team can also assist you in finalizing the right platform and integration strategy to ensure optimum performance and desired end results.

We pledge to ensure a hassle-free application development process for our clients, the foremost step of which is ensuring complete support in any circumstances. In order to make sure the development never halts owing to unexpected team changes or any unavoidable breaks by the workforce, we keep a backup team prepared at all stages of development. Our backup team keeps a close eye on the workflow and project development, facilitating seamless handover when required.

The concept is about connecting all the devices in our lives together in a network to make an interconnected world that breathes, moves and functions on its own. Today, we are surrounded by electronically controlled devices that make our survival as civilized human beings possible. With IoT, we can have all these devices connected together, so that your car can send a signal to the Air Conditioner that you have entered the house ensuring the temperature sets on its own.

Consumer/Lifestyle - Everything can be connected to the internet starting from SmartPhones, Smart Vehicles, Wearables, Home Appliances to even the home security systems. The growing use of IoT would be in the consumer and lifestyle domain, where we have endless possibilities.

Healthcare/Eldercare - The medical world would hopefully be one of the biggest beneficiaries of IoT. Processing huge medical data and interconnecting records may help in medicinal research and monitoring.

Communication - Looking beyond people to people connect, IoT can facilitate communication between devices ensuring a smooth transition of information. It may eventually eliminate human involvement altogether.

Industrial - In the future, IoT can be extensively used in industrial functions ensuring seamless integration between different departments and aspects of the business. Domains eagerly awaiting IoT intervention include manufacturing, agriculture, infrastructure and more.

We, at Jellyfish Technologies, understand that IoT is the future and are fully prepared to cater to the growing demand of IoT product development. We are continuously learning new skills, expanding our service offerings and adding new products to our portfolio.

We have the perfect blend of skills and experience to help you in developing the right IoT products for your enterprise. Quick turnaround time and substantial cost savings are the two significant benefits that you will receive by entrusting us with the development of your IoT products.

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