How the technology is changing the insurance industry?

Technology is disrupting the conventional way of doing business across industries. Insurance industry being no exception, is witnessing rapid technology adoption. Now insurance companies are offering their products through web portals and mobile apps so that customers can find, compare and purchase them from the comfort of their homes and offices.

Insurance companies are now reaping the benefits of technology in the form cost reduction, faster turnaround time and better customer experience and are investing heavily in automating their process, building and enhancing their technology portfolio.

Now, the customers are tech savvy they not only want convenience but expect higher quality user experiences from the insurance providers, as they receive from the tech giants such as Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook etc.

Insurance Applications Outsourcing Services

Jellyfish Technologies is providing insurance applications outsourcing services to the some of the major insurance companies of the USA. We understand the technology, insurance domain, user expectations and have the experience of delivering insurance products. Insurance providers such as Patra corp and Heffernan Insurance are leveraging our expertise to deliver high quality solutions to their customers.

We customize our services according to the requirements of our clients, i.e. we deliver end-to-end solutions or individual features. We can develop product of any complexity from scratch or contribute to an ongoing project.

Insurance Software Development Services

Jellyfish Technologies is one of the leading insurance software development company. We provide insurance applications outsourcing services, insurance software development services and insurance application developers for hire.

If you are an insurance provider, we can help you with mobile application development, web application development, API integration, quality assurance or any other custom requirement.

We work in all the major technologies such as Java, .Net, PHP, NodeJs, Grails, Python, JavaScript, Android, Angular, React, Ionic and ios. We have a cross-functional team of experienced front-end, back-end engineers, QA engineers and database administrators.

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