Heffernan is one of the largest US-based independent insurance brokerage firms. It offers comprehensive business insurance, personal insurance, employee benefits, and financial services products to a wide range of businesses and individuals, enabling them to protect their valuable assets and make smart decisions.

Since its founding in 1988, Heffernan Insurance Brokers has grown its revenue to more than $100 million with offices in California, Oregon, Arizona, Missouri, and London.


Project Type

Web Application


Business Requirements

Heffernan was looking for a development partner to develop an internal application where their employees could store their client’s private information on a daily basis. Security and stability played an important role in this application.


Our Solution

Upon understanding the client’s requirements, we developed the following solution:

  • Proper planning and research were carried out to assess and evaluate the application’s required functionalities and architecture
  • The application authentication was integrated with Heffernan’s active directory
  • A responsive and fully accessible UI was developed using the bootstrap design
  • Being an internal application, a good user experience was a major requirement therefore, a clean, intuitive, and user-friendly UX was designed
  • The application allowed storage of files and images, which was integrated using Amazon S3
  • The application was integrated with the feature to generate multiple reports in either CSV or PDF format
  • Continuous feature enhancements were carried out

Engagement Outcome

With the help of Jellyfish Technologies, Heffernan developed a fast and highly secure internal software for data storage and management.

For us, one more happy client was added to the list with repeat business.

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