What is Flutter?

Flutter is a free, open-source mobile SDK (Software Development Kit) that is used to create native-looking Android and iOS apps from a single code base. Using Flutter, developers can deliver high-performance cross-platform apps with consistency, dynamicity, and irresistibility. It is characterized by attractive components like widgets, foundation libraries, and interesting development tools.

  • Flutter provides an entire set of widgets to the developers for a perfect pixel experience.
  • It offers the robustness to Chrome and Android as it includes hardware-accelerated Skia 2D graphics engine. Dart language is used for compiling both 32 bit and 64 bit ARM code for different platforms.
  • Flutter has a “Hot Reload” feature with which mobile developers can easily detect the real-time changes made in the application without restarting the whole application.

Why Flutter is useful for business applications

Hot Reload: Flutter includes the "Hot Reload" feature. This feature helps the developer to make changes to the app within a few seconds. Quick implementation of new features, bugs fixing and experiments can be done under hot reloading without hampering the development process. It maintains the high speed and production of the app development.

Customizable Widgets: Flutter is enriched with a customizable set of widgets for different platforms (Android and iOS). With the combination of Google's material designs and Flutter, it is easier to create impactful UI experiences. This results in smooth and elegant app experiences. Customizable widgets help in giving an entirely different look to the applications for boosting the business values. Flutter offers widgets that can be used for entire screens and even for the app itself.

The language used is Dart: Google introduced an object-oriented programming language called Dart. Mobile app codes are written using Dart for Flutter. It promotes the productivity and effectiveness of the app development flow. Features of dart include secure typing and a huge library improving the development process.

Faster Testing: Google's Flutter only requires a single test for both the iOS and Android platforms, making the testing procedure fast, effective, and efficient.

Single Codebase: Flutter uses a single codebase to create apps for the iOS and Android platforms, reducing the developer's time in writing different codes.

High Performance: As compared with the native app development, Flutter leads with a higher response and launch time. Original Equipment Manufacturer (ORM) and JavaScript for the reactive views are not used in Flutter, this increases the performance of the apps.

Future scope of Flutter

According to Google, the primary focus regarding Flutter will be on cross-platform app development but it will not remain restricted to this only. The further plan includes integrating the Flutter software development kit (SDK) to a wide range of platforms. It includes the release of Flutter for the web (Project Name- Hummingbird), which will be assembled with the ARM code and JavaScript.

Some apps that are built under the Flutter framework

Google Ads (Utility), Alibaba (eCommerce), Birch Finance (Finance), Coach Yourself (Health and Fitness), Hookle (Social), etc.

Flutter App Development services offered by Jellyfish Technologies

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Why hire Flutter app developers from Jellyfish Technologies?

Flutter includes all the features of native development, including navigation, icons, widgets, fonts, scrolling, etc. The plus point of Flutter is that it allows you to work with an already existing part of an app. Our developers create an entire spectrum of the app services to create featured rich cross-platform applications in no time. Hire Flutter developers from us to build high-quality advanced native interfaces in minutes.

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