What is Express.js?

Express.js is an application framework of node.js, providing a robust set of features for mobile and web application development.

The Express.js framework development uses the extensive functionalities of Node.js through which hybrid mobile applications can be created. Moreover, this framework is used along with node.js to provide a front-end as well as back-end development.

Reasons for choosing Express.js for business applications

  • Developers use the Express.js framework, along with it's extended Node.js functionalities, to create web apps that improve performance. Moreover, the development process becomes fast and easy.
  • Express.js framework is effortless to customize and configure for client-specific requirements.
  • It supports scalability and flexibility. With the use of AngularJS at the front-end, JavaScript coding and Express.js resolve the backend issues.

Popular frameworks built on Express.js

It is a website and API application framework created using Express.js and MongoDB. It includes an auto-generated React.js Admin UI. Keystone offers database fields, email sending, session management, auto-generated admin user interface, dynamic templates and views, and other effective features to create database-driven apps and websites.

It is an open-source professional publishing platform for creating and handling online publications developed on Github. It has several publishing tools, optimized distribution channels, and easy CMS (Content Management System).

It is an easy blog framework powered by Node.js. It offers file creation at a faster pace, features-rich plugin systems, and single code deployment to Github pages.

Why Jellyfish Technologies?

We Offer:

Organized APIs
We use Express.js to create web apps that can easily create new APIs and organize them.

Module Wise Development
By following a module wise development approach, we offer the solutions for creating complex web apps with express.js and node.js.

Seamless Real-time Streaming
Our high-quality Express.js apps take full advantage of advanced technologies and MEAN Stack.

Flexible and Fast Delivery Approach
Our focus is to serve our customers with the best services throughout the Express.js development process and aspire to provide the best possible solutions.

Seamless Migration
We are proficient in improving versions or migrating the already existing apps to different technologies by offering a seamless and easy implementation process.

Express.js development services offered by Jellyfish Technologies

Jellyfish Technologies is a professional Express.js development company with a grea experience in delivering high-performance, interactive, and real-time enterprise applications. We believe in creating a strong JavaScript-based backend and frontend system including the REST API. By using the in-demand methodologies, we design effective applications specifically customized as per your business requirements. Our high-quality Express.js apps take complete advantage of advanced technologies and MEAN Stack. For further consultation, contact our experts.

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