Django is an open-source web framework based on python. Developers focus on reducing the complexity that occurs in creating database-driven websites using the Django framework. The design of Django's template is easy to learn and operate. This framework is highly trusted by the industries for creating independent web apps.

Django has MVC (Model, View, Controller) architecture that allows the developers to change the visual part of an app and the business logic part separately. But, according to the developers, Django has an MVT architecture (Model, View, Template).

Reasons for choosing Django for business applications

Better Search Engine Optimization
Django offers readable website URLs and links that include the most appropriate keywords which can benefit in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices and ranking the website.

Amazingly Fast
Django web framework helps in a faster development process without compromising with quality.

High Security
Django is super secure. It has been created by keeping all the security parameters in mind. The websites and apps created using Django are guaranteed to be purely secure as it hides the website's source code.

Extremely Scalable
The businesses grow with time and hence they require their websites and apps to have scalability. By choosing the Django framework, highly scalable solutions can be delivered that can adapt to future business requirements.

Some popular companies using the Django framework for their web applications

Instagram, Spotify, Pinterest, Mozilla, Dropbox, Reddit, Youtube etc.

Django web development services offered by Jellyfish Technologies

Jellyfish Technologies specializes in creating high-quality web-apps using the Django framework. We have years of experience and a successful track record of consistently delivering expert and reliable Django development services to clients across the globe. We have a team of accomplished and widely trained Django developers. We devote our time and hard work to create the most featured rich, impactful and interactive web apps to match your specific business requirements.

Hire Django developers from Jellyfish Technologies and get your web app designed as per your requirements. For further consultations, you can contact our experts.

Services include:

  • Django Web App Development
  • Django Website Development
  • Django Template Design
  • Web Services and API Development
  • Migration to Django
  • Independent Testing
  • Maintenance and Support

Why Choose Jellyfish Technologies?

Relevant Experience
We hold a pretty good experience in providing Django development services to our clients across the globe. We use the latest and updated trends in our services to satisfy the client's business requirements.

Excellent Quality
Our Django developers follow the best coding standards that are followed by a keen manual and automation testing to ensure an error-free service.

Trust and Transparency
We give full access to our clients to be in the loop at every level of the project management system. In this way, they get regular updates about the progress and activities of the development process. This results in building a good relationship with the clients.

Cost-Effective Pricing
We provide the best Django development services at very affordable pricing to ensure that it does not exceed your predetermined budget.

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