We help brands turn large data sets into elegant and easy-to-understand visual stories that enable them to spot meaningful trends and insights. Our data scientists and analysts use the latest and most interactive data visualization tools and techniques for the quickly changing landscape of data integration. Make sense of the massive amounts of data that you generate every day.

Simple graphs and charts are just the tip of the great iceberg that data visualization is. We pair the right visualization with the right data to help you make a powerful point. It is what leads to great storytelling with a purpose.

We go beyond basic visualization techniques like simple charts and graphs. We use advanced techniques like connectivity charts, matrix, 3D scatter plots, timelines, treemaps, box-and-whisker plots, and more to help you tell your data story in the most interactive and detailed manner.

Our suite of data visualization and Business Intelligence (BI) tools consists of Tableau, QlikView, PowerBI, Spotfire, D3js, and HighCharts that support interactive visuals creation, flexible connectivity to and combination of data sources, automatic data refresh, shareability, secure data access and exporting widgets, to allow you to make the best visuals of your data in the most time-efficient manner.

Uncover intelligent data visualization solutions that you need to move past your complex data challenges and non-insightful, confusing reports. Reimagine business data and move up your business performance.

Choose data visualization - the right investment in your big data future.

How Data Visualization Solutions Will Empower You and Your Users

Regardless of your industry or business size, you can use data visualization to make sense of your large amounts of complex data. Here’s how:

Comprehend information in a timely manner

Graphical representations of your large amounts of business data will enable you to see it in a clear way and draw insights from it a lot faster than you can analyze information in spreadsheets.

Identify relationships and patterns

Recognize relationships between the data to identify focus areas that need attention in your data to drive the business forward. Explore business insights through the data correlations found.

Stay on top of emerging trends

Discover the latest trends – both in the business and in the market – to get an edge over your competition and ultimately provide quality products and identify problems before they arise.

Ensure easy understanding of your data story

Enable your users to grasp your data story in a single, simple glance. Avoid old, complicated visual elements that make it difficult to get the message across. Use evolved, AI-based visualization capabilities for impactful representation of data.

Allow quick and effortless absorption of large amounts of data

The current and more evolved data visualization solutions will allow you to bring up more advanced visualizations for more sophisticated analysis. Absorb large amounts of data at the literal glimpse of an eye, while grasping the relationship between multiple data points when doing so.

It’s more sophisticated than traditional visualization capabilities

Unlike traditional data visualization, intuitive data visualization solutions enable you to delve deeper and transform data into different types of desired visualizations and configurations

Our Data Visualization Expertise

Before implementing your data visualization solutions, our analysts ensure that you have a solid grasp on your data and that you understand your goals well. They prepare your organization for the steps you need to take before and after the implementation.

Our data analysts and scientists look at and work with data very imaginatively.

Laying all the groundwork for your data visualization solution

We help you integrate data sources into a centralized repository, configuring data security and data quality processes, building ETL/ELT, OLAP, etc., and setting up robust data reporting and visualization.

Our advanced suite of data visualization tools and technologies

We work with modern, intuitive tools and technologies like Tableau, QlikView, Power BI, Spotfire D3js, Highcharts and Looker to help our clients organize and communicate data to enable better decision making.

Combining your BI and analytics solutions with data visualization

We create full-fledged reports and dashboards for diverse business users, stakeholders, clients, and even users with no analytics expertise.

Improving business performance

We optimize your data visualization solutions at different architectural layers that include data sources, data models, visualization elements, data gateways, access controls, network, etc.

Providing flexibility to users

Our data visualization services do not limit our users to a desktop version. They also cover the design and development of visual dashboards for mobile users.

Designing consistent-looking dashboards

We don’t throw visual elements, types, and colors around in our dashboards. They are carefully and consistently designed, to ensure that relevant trends are recognized immediately.

Tech Stack Used in Data Visualization

An insurance aggregation platform.

The primary objective of Patra on this endeavor was to integrate their platform with the insurance providers of the USA such as BTIS, USLI, HISCOX, and Liberty so that the end users can get the best insurance premium quotes on their platform.

Project Category:-Web application
When:-2018 - ongoing
A Job Portal for Photographers and videographers.

It is a platform designed for photographers and videographers to network and assist each other on projects. It is industry-specific and only professional businesses with a valid company number are allowed to join after a thorough quality verification process. After joining, members can post a job including their rates. Local, vetted photographers and videographers can then apply for the job.

Project Category:-Web & Mobile application
An open source billing platform.

jBilling is world’s first enterprise grade open source billing cloud service provider and is recognized industry wide for providing the much needed flexibility, agility & customization for complex billing tasks.With their unique product architecture & hosted billing service, the jBilling team, spanning 4 continents, is on a mission to provide the best billing cloud service for organisations with complex business rules.

Project Category:-Web application
When:-2017 - ongoing

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