Choosing one OS over the other comes at a cost. You either risk losing a share of the market, or you end up investing heavily if you decide to build native apps for all operating systems. Cross-platform app development, an important alternative to traditional, native development, saves you from this hard choice.

The hybrid app development approach empowers you to build rich and interactive mobile applications that run on multiple operating systems by using a single framework and shareable code base. Cross-platform app development frameworks, such as React Native, Javascript/Typescript, Xamarin, and C# readily integrate with any particular native OS platform.

Create native-like, rich mobile apps generated from a single codebase with unique icons, fonts, and input controls using default UI of native platforms. Reduce the development effort and costs while speeding up the time-to-market and expanding your market reach.

Forget subpar UI and UX. And improper collaboration within the system. Build mobile apps that are functional, affordable and efficient, and at the same time work well across diverse platforms and digital environments simultaneously.

Shift your focus from the burden of a cumbersome development approach towards product innovation and driving value for your customers. Write the code once and employ it across all platforms – Android, iOS, or Windows.

Deliver impeccable performance that matches with the performance of native apps

What You Can Accomplish with Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-platform app development makes the entire development process move more quickly and easily.

The advantages of cross-platform app development are numerous:

Maximum audience exposure

Broaden your market reach by creating and deploying your app over multiple platforms and operating systems, including both Android and iOS. Unlike an OS-specific app, a universally accepted application will multiply your revenue opportunities and customer base significantly.

Native-like app development

Thanks to advanced functionalities and tools like React Native, Xamarin and C# used in cross-platform app development, these hybrid apps are quite similar to native apps and deliver impeccable performance that matches with the performance of native apps.


Reusable codes and agile app development via tools lower the overall cost of cross-platform app development. Invest just once to get your app developed for diverse platforms.

Seamless development, deployment, and maintenance

Maintaining and deploying code or making changes to it is easy since the same app runs over diverse platforms. Modern technologies like PhoneGap and Appcelerator allows developers to easily convert codes written in HTML5 for different platforms, thus ensuring the best utilization of resources.

Reusable code

Save time and resources by utilizing the same code repeatedly for different platforms. Discover and fix bugs in the common codebase seamlessly and add enhancements to all platforms in one go.

Easier cloud integration

Seamlessly integrate your apps to the cloud by taking benefit of multiple plugins and extensions with the given cloud settings that hybrid apps support. Improve your scalability, functionality, and compatibility several-fold.

Faster product delivery and customization

Reduce the entire time-to-market through quicker and more effective deployment. Transform or customize your application by easily making minor changes in the given single code.

Uniformity of design

Maintain a consistently uniform look and feel of your app across all platforms using the same set of codes. Ensure a much uniform UX that app users can easily enjoy.

Swift development

Magic of the single script - Write code just once and simply translate it to different codes for different platforms. Your app will seamlessly run across different devices and platforms. Have an upper hand in the overall app development duration.

Our Expertise in Cross-Platform App Development

Simplified development process- Our experience of working with different readymade frameworks, such as Appcelerator or PhoneGap, allows us to directly access some really useful plugins that enable us to easily make changes in the mobile app as and when it is necessary.

Tech Stack Used in Cross Platform App Development

A networking app for players and team managers.

The Sports App is a mobile application that allows players to manage their athletic lives, and connect and share with their teammates. In turn, it allows teams/managers to find and register players, and create and manage events. players can update their preferences and status – available or unavailable for games, looking for new teams etc and receive notifications accordingly.

Project Category:-Mobile application
A cab aggregation app.

Enter your destination by typing in the address or selecting on map. Enjoy a fun quote while the ride options are loading! Sort available ride options based on price and time. Drag down to refresh the list of current ride options. Select your preferred option and book through Cabstr by linking to your existing account or creating a new one. Alternatively, link to the provider's app and your ride details will port over.

Project Category:-Mobile application
A construction survey app.

B+L is a well-known organization in the fields of construction and surveys across the globe. B+L wanted a housing management system app that is catered specifically to individuals working in the construction field. People who are related to construction activities can register to the application and share their experience, documents, images of constructions sites etc to help B+L do the surveys.

Project Category:-Mobile application
A snuba diving booking platform.

Snuba International Inc, employs operators in different parts of the world whose job is to book snuba diving on customer’s behalf. These bookings are done from remote islands where internet is either not available or is intermittent.

An android app and a web platform was developed for the Snuba International Inc, to enable their operators to book the snuba diving for the customers in a hassle free manner.

Project Category:-Web application, Mobile App
Whisker + Paw
An vet on-demand platorm.

At Whisker + Paw we offer a unique combination of services leveraging our industry leading expertise to support the community of veterinarians and pet owners. It is a smart on-demand platform, providing pet owners with easy access to at-home veterinary assistance and veterinarians with proprietary technology modeled after S.O.A.P. for one seamless all-inclusive experience.

Project Category:-Web application, Mobile App

Build rich and interactive mobile applications that run on multiple operating systems by using a single framework and shareable code base

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