Patra Corporation is one of the leading providers of processing, contact support, and account management solutions for the insurance industry.
Over the last 15 years, it has delivered experience, technology, and workflow tools that address challenges faced by the insurance industry, thereby fulfilling the unique needs of carriers, brokers, MGAs, and wholesalers.


Project Type

Web Application


Business Requirements

The company was looking for a technological partner to develop a secure cloud-based certificate vault to store and access financial documents of its clients such as insurance policies, share certificates, and security certificates, among others. Though Jellyfish Technologies didn’t have any major experience in blockchain development, the client entrusted us with the implementation of the certificate vault based on previously delivered projects. This trust motivated us to explore new verticals of software development and deliver solutions beyond our imagined capabilities.


Our Solution

After understanding the client’s requirements, we developed the following solution:

  • Proper planning and research were carried out to assess and evaluate the web application’s required functionalities and architecture
  • A highly secure web application was developed for the users to upload and access their certificates through multiple sources
  • A mail server hook was developed to upload attachments to the vault automatically
  • A blockchain-based solution was implemented to verify the integrity of the uploaded certificates in the vault
  • A smart contract containing the file names and their hashes was created and deployed on the Ethereum blockchain
  • An API was exposed for the web application to interact with the smart contract on the blockchain

Engagement Outcome

With the help of Jellyfish Technologies, Patra Corporation launched their new product, CertVault in the market. This cloud-based certificate repository provided instant access to certificates of insurance for brokers, holders, carriers, and insureds.
CertVault helped Patra Corporation to streamline certificate processing and issuance, enhance their customer experience, reduce cost, and eliminate delivery risks inherent in today’s print and mail process.
For us, one more happy client was added to the list with repeat business.
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