Bring Your Data to Life with Advanced Business Intelligence

Critical business decisions based on limited information can slow your response to unpredictable situations and market demands. If your traditional data tools involve total dependence on tech teams and restrict your access to data, it is time to implement the advanced Business Intelligence (BI) technology. The high-tech strategy allows you to turn loads of raw data into actionable reports that are easy to access and share, without the assistance of tech teams.

Our Business Intelligence solutions are quick-to-implement and they integrate with MS Office and other business applications seamlessly. They utilize functionalities like an in-memory database (IMDB), data warehouses, OLAP, and location intelligence, among others.

Our sophisticated BI solutions are encrypted for data and security credentials to meet the high-level requirements of the most data-paranoid customers in the world.

Your data hides critical insights about markets and consumer patterns.

Our intelligence solutions will give you access to these actionable insights to help you make smarter business decisions.

Our Business Intelligence (BI) Implementation Process

Make your BI implementation a breeze!

Our BI implementation process is enterprise-level and has a phased approach, which helps avoid failures, delays, and data validation issues. The typical Business Intelligence implementation process we follow includes these steps:

Formulating a cohesive business intelligence strategy after taking into account the specific business goals and technical aspects of the BI project. This step also involves gathering and assessing stakeholder’s requirements.

Breaking down the gathered requirements into multiple phases- We ensure consistent productivity by breaking the project into smaller chunks of work. Our development process is iterative and involves lots of constant interaction with stakeholders. In the end, it allows us to follow the best course of action and respond well to roadblocks.

Scheduling the phases, priority-wise after carefully studying which phases will benefit which business areas the most and considering the flexibility of different business areas to work on a particular phase. We schedule phases after taking into account specific business dynamics.

Reviewing tangible deliverables frequently by regularly communicating with stakeholders on changes and expectations at every stage. Transparency is key to our BI implementation success.

Don’t want to make a complete paradigm shift to BI at once? We’re with you.

For us, BI is not a one-time project.

We ensure a smooth and successful BI implementation by rolling it out to individual departments instead of to the whole company at once.

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Why BI?

To Transform The Way You Use Business Data!

Business Intelligence solutions will help you bring your data to life and achieve these business benefits:

Make better, data-driven business decisions - BI will allow you to customize your reports and make them more interactive and functional. Access to real-time data and forecasts will keep your teams up-to-date and make them more confident in acting quickly and making data-driven decisions.

Increase reporting efficiency - Achieve pixel-perfect reports and intuitive dashboards in real-time with visualization elements like graphs and charts for heavy-duty analysis of data.

Gain valuable business insights to measure what’s working for your business and what’s not. BI solutions will enable you to measure the metrics that matter most to your business.

Improve your customer satisfaction by analyzing your customers’ behaviors and patterns, identifying opportunities, anticipating needs, and meeting expectations. BI systems can create dashboards that can pull data from operations and customer conversations using which you can anticipate customers’ demands and deliver better service.

Increase operational efficiency across your organization- BI will give you a bird’s eye view of your operations to help you identify areas of opportunities and analyze the impact of your decisions. BI systems can up your collaboration game multi-folds.

Ready to reimagine data management with Business Intelligence?

Gain deep visibility into your business processes with our BI solutions

Our Expertise in BI

We have a proven record of making data analysis easier and intuitive with our bespoke BI solutions.

We render a full range of BI services, from data analytics to BI consulting, implementation, support, and evolution.

Our BI solutions utilizes data visualization techniques to bring your data to life and meet your data management demands.

Our data analytics platform is fully customizable and offers everything from data storage to custom reports, analytics solution design and components, data management procedures setup, and alerting, among other analytics elements.

We seek to understand your business, its problems, and goals before we offer BI consulting to ensure goals are met. Our BI consulting practice includes key steps like BI needs analysis, implementation or migration plan, solution design, supervision, advice on data quality, and user adoption strategies to help companies implement an ideal BI solution.

We treat each BI implementation project as unique. Our BI implementation plan carefully considers the unique project requirements, scale, and other specific factors to support decision making at all levels.

It is of utmost importance for us to ensure that our implemented BI solution performs and evolves well, continuously. Our dedicated BI support and evolution covers maintenance for development, administration, and power BI.

We deliver Business intelligence solutions, tailor-made for your needs.

Advance your decision making with our BI solutions

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