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Stock Knock

A stock quote notification app.

Impact of technology in Banking And Finance industry

Banking and finance are the flagbearer industry of the modern economies. The are the barometer of the growth of a nation. Technology evolution has completely changed the way of doing business for the banks and financial institutions.

Now, customer can avail all the banking services from the comfort of their homes and offices using their mobiles and computers. Similarly financial products such as stocks, derivatives, mutual funds and bonds can be traded using mobile apps and web based platforms.

To provide their services to the masses in a secure way banks and financial institutions need robust technology solutions which need to be continuously upgraded with the changing technology.

Banking Applications Outsourcing Services

Jellyfish Technologies is providing banking applications outsourcing services to some of the leading banking and finance startups and companies. We understand the technology, banking & finance domain and have the experience of delivering banking and finance products. First Transfer and Stock Knock are banking and finance domain applications developed by us.

We customize our services according to the requirements of our clients, i.e. we deliver end-to-end solutions or individual features. We can develop product of any complexity from scratch or contribute to an ongoing project.

Banking Software Development Services

Jellyfish Technologies is a leading banking software development company and finance software development company. We provide banking software development services, banking applications outsourcing services, banking management software development services and banking applications developers for hire.

We work in all the major technologies such as Java, .Net, PHP, NodeJs, Grails, Python, JavaScript, Android, Angular, React, Ionic and ios. We have a cross-functional team of experienced front-end, back-end engineers, QA engineers and database administrators.

If you are a banking and finance startup or company, we can help you with mobile application development, web application development, API integration, Blockchain implementation, quality assurance or any other custom requirement.

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First Transfer

A wire transfer platform.

Completed Projects

An insurance aggregation platform
Heffernan Insurance
Heffernan Insurance
An insurance brokering platform