Artificial Intelligence (AI) Development Services

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Development Services

Humans are the most intelligent creatures in the world. The objective of Artificially intelligent systems is to function intelligently and independently, just like humans.

At Jellyfish technologies, we are building super cool intelligent technologies based on the above simple approach.

Humans can interpret sentences, so do our systems.

We build highly intelligent systems using Python along with popular libraries like tensorflow, keras, nltk, pytorch, theono and more. Such a system typically interprets a sentence, processes it, and uses it later for training a model. In one such system, the intelligent model grew efficient with more data and was suitable to be used later in a chatbot we were building.

We built chatbots using various technologies - technologies which needed different skills, which had different approaches, which consumed different development time. Some of those technologies included Dialogflow, RasaCore, RasaNLU, Spacy and Tensorflow.

This branch of AI is said to be natural language processing/Natural language understanding and we are expanding this branch exponentially.

Humans can interpret images, so do our systems

We use two major libraries for the purpose of image processing and recognition - tensorflow and opencv. We have adapted the methods of CNN (Convolution Neural Network), Deep Learning and RNN (Recurrent Neural Networks) for the purpose of object recognition and image processing.

Tensorflow and opencv have thousands of algorithms which make it easier to train computers with faster GPUs and classify and detect multiple objects within an image with high accuracy, just like a normal human.

At Jellyfish Technologies, we explore and experiment with thousands of images available on the internet and build models which are more intelligent than ever.

Humans can't predict, but our algorithms do

The branch used immensely and explored by machine learning enthusiasts is prediction analysis. Our engineers have worked on predicting stocks, weather, spam emails and more using tensorflow. We have adapted different predictive models like decision trees, linear and regression models and neural networks.

We have used tensorflow and scikit-learn for this purpose. Since we have solved many problems, our expertise in this area has increased tremendously.