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Next-gen, value-added software solutions across business domains, with diverse use cases


Revolutionizing payments, lending, investments, and financial decisions with customized and top-notch FinTech solutions.


Blend application development, analytics and automation to strengthen your customer experience, partner collaboration, underwriting, claims management and compliance.

Smart Tracking

Monitor, manage, leverage and protect your data and assets, through robust solutions that leverage IoT, Mobile, GPS and Cloud.

Insights & Automation

Actionable insights, automated ops and voice-first apps - powered by algo driven processes and data science

Digital Experience

Delivering engaging digital experiences with experience design, modern applications, and a human touch


You Imagine,
We Implement

Delivering products and services that work for you

Experience Design

Customer-centric experience design with engaging, intuitive, responsive, and seamless user interfaces. Creating highly customized experiences that express the brand personality.

Web Applications

Our modern web solutions are built with an adaptive, agile approach - to create rich customer experiences and engagement - towards measurable business outcomes.

Custom CMS

Custom-built content management solutions using open source frameworks, with greater control over functionality, interface, and updates

Search Tools

Open source search engines with distributed full-text search, faceting, near real-time indexing, high availability, NoSQL features, big data integrations, and rich text handling

API Integrations

We foster an API-First approach to building products. With API integrations between mobile or web apps and in-house or external domains, such as social media and payment platforms

MACH Stack

Leverage Microservices, API-First, Cloud-Native, and Headless architectures for enhanced customer-centric digital experiences.

Javascript Frameworks

Flexible, responsive, engaging frontends leveraging leading-edge frameworks, such as React, Vue, Express, Ember, Angular

Micro Front Ends

Smaller, maintainable codebases, independent releases, and incremental upgrades - for faster, scalable, collaborative web development

Single Page Apps

Dynamically rewritten web pages with new server data, built on Javascript frameworks - for faster transitions with a single page load.

Progressive Web Apps

Enhanced user engagement - with features such as discoverability, installability, security, social integration, event-driven scripts, self-updates, push notifications, web payments, and offline browsing.

Native Apps Development

Responsive and interactive mobile apps for Android and iOS - leveraging all their exposed platform features.

Hybrid Apps Development

Interactive mobile apps wrapped inside a native container providing access to native Android and iOS platform features.

Cross-Platform Apps Development

Rich and interactive mobile apps generated from a single codebase, with unique icons, fonts, and input controls using default UI of native platforms

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Leverage Google AMP with stripped-down HTML, for lightweight and faster-to-load mobile pages - for user-centric websites, stories, and ads.

Location and Proximity

Location-based targeting and monitoring of customer & ops data and field assets, leverage IoT, Mobile, GPS, and Cloud

Internet of Things

IoT-based applications leveraging customer and operational data from wearables & sensors, for use cases in Retail, Logistics, & Industry 4.0

AI & Machine Learning

Insights, automation, and recommendation solutions based on data and experience-driven algorithms, using Python, Django, and AWS

Natural Language Processing

AI-driven solutions to read and decipher human languages for enhanced productivity and responsiveness in customer interactions

Robotic Process Automation

AI-driven RPA solutions with role-based security, rich analytics, dynamic debugging, low code, and source control. Translating effort-intensive operations into intelligent, efficient processes.

Data Visualisation

Easy and elegant representations of large data sets - for a rich visual representation of trends and insights, to simplify management and marketing.

Business Intelligence

Smart, quick, data-driven decisions leveraging data engineering solutions that retrieve, analyze, and transform data for holistic business insights.


Voice-first design principles to build text and audio-based conversational AI systems - voice bots and chatbots that function intelligently and independently, just like humans.

Conversational AI

Custom, industry-specific blockchain solutions that share data, exchange assets, and enforce contracts on distributed public ledgers in a secure, encrypted, transparent, and immutable way.


Custom, industry-specific blockchain solutions that share data, exchange assets, and enforce contracts on distributed public ledgers in a secure, encrypted, transparent, and immutable way.


Managed DevOps services to ensure developed products deploy and work as per best-of-breed standards in Architecture, Infrastructure, Security, Performance, and Scalability.

QA Automation

Custom QA approaches to unit, functional, acceptance, regression, performance, and security/PEN testing - serving business goals, product specs, project risks, and compliances

Cloud Migration and Services

Cloud-native, Hybrid Cloud services on leading cloud platforms - for smart, scalable, secure computing, analytics, and AI solutions


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We know the drill. We pursue innovation and breakthroughs in technology. Our intensive codes have the right amount of human touch. We spearhead digital transformation journeys through results-driven solutions. More than tools, it’s the people our clients have faith in. After all, we evolve beyond the build.

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Craig Stovold

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone and look forward to working with them for years to come.

Craig Stovold

Co-Founder & CEO, Jobulo

John Pointer

Not only would I hire them again without hesitation, but I will point out that after the first two test projects were done, they earned my repeat business and became the only contractors I worked with the whole time I was upgrading my site.

John Pointer

Founder & CEO, Patronism

Perry Wong

Any request to me for feedback about Gaurav and his team at Jellyfish Technologies will only result in effusive praise.

Perry Wong

Staff Engineer, Appdirect

Earl Vanbuskirk

I truly appreciate our relationship with Jellyfish Technologies. The Jellyfish team consists of highly skilled developers who are able to be very nimble and adaptive to our various development needs.

Earl Vanbuskirk

Strategic Product Manager,Patra Corporation

Karl Margrain

What we have found is that for each phase, the requirements have been understood and each phase has been completed on time and on budget which is fantastic.

Karl Margrain

Founder & MD, Payleadr

Raymond Leung

Along with their excellent technical skill sets, team members at Jellyfish have always been an absolute joy to work with.

Raymond Leung

Staff Software Engineer, Appdirect

Greg Hitchmough

They are a pleasure to work with and I would recommend them to anyone!

Greg Hitchmough

Director Of Engineering,Jbilling


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